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The home of Carlos Gomes in Lisbon is quite a surprising sight – it partly presents the Moorish atmosphere of Alfama, referring to the undecorated past with a touch of the contemporary. This space had been used for technical necessities of the building ever since it was built after an earthquake in Lisbon more than 200 years ago. Today it has a cozy home atmosphere, where the elegance of the vaulted ceilings interlines with the rustic surfaces of the past and the contemporary attitude of the filmmaker.

Carlos is a metaphor of his own home. His home is just the way he is – manifold and multilayered, open and full of secrets at the same time. “Home is the center of my emotional life. It makes sense being here physically and emotionally, on my own or with company. My home and my favorite beach are the places where I like being with my friends and my children – where we can harmoniously be together or on our own, but under the same roof�, says Carlos.

Carlos Gomes_foto Egle Bazaraite (38)

Carlos Gomes_foto Egle Bazaraite (18)

Carlos Gomes_foto Egle Bazaraite (26)

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