A flower from Paradise

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Argentinian artist Carolina Raquel Antich landed on the Guidecca island by chance, then stayed. “The Guidecca still has a human neighborhood scale in which you can separate yourself from Venice. For me, an island within an island is a really fascinating image”, says Carolina.

In her paintings, she uses characters from movies, literature, painting, and the sciences that grow out of concrete images and elements drawn from memory. There are moments, of course, in which Carolina’s works embodies parts of her own story.

Her impressive studio in located in one of the former warehouses of a distillery. It is decorated with things that the artists picked up on the fondamenta, which was something one used to be able to do.

When asked what she misses most about Argentina, her home country, and what she would bring from Venice with her if she had to go back to Argentina, Carolina replies: “From Argentina, my family and friends, and the horizon. From Venice to Argentina, all of Pietro Longhi’s works.”

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