Aura: a sensible mirror by Bjørn van den Berg

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Aura mirror series by Norwegian designer Bjørn van den Berg are developed out of a metaphor of a glowing object. The hemispherical shaped mirrors with a solid aluminum base are electroplated with copper, chrome and nickel coating. This converts the mirrors into a whole reflecting object rather that just a surface. The flat mirror surface in the core of the hemispheres is tilted towards you. The project is about tactility and sensibility. Aura’s format relates to fit into two open hands. The way the massive and seamless material feels against your skin gives a sense of holding something scarce. The polished surface contrasts to your natural skin and the way the heavy material is pressed into your hands. Other aspects of sensibility Aura touches is when the object is exposed to light. Then the light is reflected differently from the flat mirror surface and the circular body; making you aware of your surrounding and light changes. The thought is to create physical and mental recognition in the moment. Aura mirror series consists of wall and table mirror.


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