Back to the nature with Alexandra Levasseur

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Canadian designer Alexandra Levasseur who has a strong background in such fields as illustration, painting, animation and advertising, creates various paintings that create an illusion and a deep sense of mystery. The artist uses the concept of multiple backgrounds, which reflects the idea of the relationship between humans and the nature that surrounds us. Art from the 2015 series was done using acrylic paint, oil and pencils on wood panel. This composition of various figures evokes different types of emotions.


The artist chooses dark tones, which are combined with some pastel backgrounds. This juxtaposition creates an aesthetic background, in which the characters are shown. In most of the works the artist leaves the paint dripping,as if the painting wasn’t finished, and is still waiting for the artist to put the final touch.


Paintings show a figure of a female character, which is repeated in an abstract form. Sometimes the portrait is detailed more precisely. After noticing the human figure, you see the connection with the nature, which the Alexandra is trying to represent.

In some of the works such as “Singularité Nue” and “La Tourbière” the artist shows the character in a nude form, who tries to escape to the wild and get back to the wild. And in some ways, the viewer is invited to join this magical, wild adventure, which would take him to the wild side.



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