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When we visited the blog SimplyCyn we could not help noticing the colorful and joyful spirit behind it. Cynthia started her blog in order to share her thoughts and ideas of what she loves and what makes people happy. Her website now contains various lifestyle sections which include fashion, traveling, and styling. She has a unique sense of style, which reflects perfectly her passionate and creative personality which we want you to meet today. Cynthia shared her experience on how she got into the blogging world and what thoughts she has about it now.


Colorful, youthful and modern. How would you describe the SimplyCyn in three words?

SimplyCyn is authentic and bright… It’s all about bringing some kind of positivity and light to those who stop by. In three words - fun, chic and happy.


What is behind of the SimplyCyn title?

When I started blogging, I was called Addicted2Etsy because it was my favorite site and I spent hours looking for the best new artists and artisans. As time went by, I realized I wanted to blog about anything and everything that I loved, not just Etsy. SimplyCyn made sense because it meant it was going to be dedicated to things that were simply about me and my likes and loves. It was the simplest and best representation of what I hoped I could accomplish on blog.


How did you decide to start a fashion and lifestyle blog?

I had no idea what I was doing or where I was headed. I just knew I wanted a platform to share things I thought were fun and cool and I hoped others would come along with me for the ride.



On which areas do you focus more: fashion, traveling, lifestyle?

Travel has become the best and the biggest part of my blog for me. I love to share that you can look cute, beautiful, put together an outfit without spending a lot of money. Travel though is my absolute favorite as it involves many aspects - food, music, culture, shopping, etc.

What collaborations have you done in the past that are memorable to you?

Working with Essence magazine and Pantene was pretty special. It felt very surreal. Also, my mum loves both those brands so it was cool for her to see it all come together.



Fashion posts have a sense of minimalistic style, which is combined with some colorful elements. What type of style do you prefer more?

I think you hit it on the head. To be honest, my style changes with my mood and with the weather. Sometimes I like clean and minimal black and white and sometimes I want to be loud, bright and colorful. I do think bright colors look good on my complexion and they brighten my mood.


How would you describe the person that is reading your posts? What are his/ her interests, fashion style and etc.?

I think they love life, they love to learn, love to travel, they have responsibilities but want to look their best feel their best without breaking the bank. I think they are entrepreneurs and dreamers- women who want more and want to do more.

One of the sections that your blog contains is traveling, as you have already mentioned. Which place has made the biggest impact to you and why?

Paris. My absolute obsession with travels comes from when I went to Paris to study abroad. It was my first trip by myself, I didn’t know the other students until I got there. It was scary, it was frustrating, it was amazing, it was euphoric. There’s so much of life to be lived and experienced when you travel the world. Paris was my first real taste of that and I’ve been hooked since.


For many of us, blogging seems as a dream job. What are the difficulties that you have faced in the beginning? Has the idea of SimplyCyn changed a lot?

In the beginning, it seems like no one is reading, no one is paying attention and you’re just wasting your time. I wanted to quit so many times, but each time there was something I so badly wanted to share or someone who would send me the most encouraging message. I have experienced such grace and kindness though blogging. It would have been really sad if I had quit. The blog evolves as I evolve. I feel that is the most natural part. A blog should not evolve because you want to give people what you think they want. It should grow and change as a reflection of the blogger’s own personal growth and evolution.


What are the future plans for your blog?

Some very interesting things I can’t share right now… don’t want to jinx it. But please stay tuned. Please do.

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