Contemporary warriors by Boris Bidjan Saberi

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Throughout the years, Boris Bidjan Saberi’s work has grown into a luxury menswear label, reflecting Saberi’s personal and experimental take on handcrafted clothing. Designer presented his Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Garage Lubeck during Men’s Paris Fashion Week. In 2007 Saberi launched his eponymous label, establishing his atelier in a place that fully represents the designer’s complex philosophy. In the mystic frame of Monistrol – a final destination for pilgrims and nomads – Saberi settles his first headquarter, later transferred in Barcelona. Monistrol and the current atelier stand for the geographical exemplifications of a secular spirituality, as in these industrial archeology sites Boris develops the outlines of his metropolitan religion as well as the fortress of his contemporary warriors.

The following images is a collaboration between Saberi and Paris based S/TUDIO.

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