Caroline Swift and her spoons

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20 years as a knitwear designer, English teacher in an Indian village, photographer, decorator, entrepreneur… Scotland, England, Italy, India, USA, Spain… Does it sound like a description of just one person? It does if we look back at the experience of Caroline Swift, a beautiful woman designing her bone china creations in a little white studio in Barcelona.

It turns out that big goals and ambitions, famous names, delightful experience and beautiful products perfectly fit together with honesty and pure dreams. While the outcome of this union in the shape of delicate eggshell bone china is resting on white shelves and hanging on rusty nails in the studio, we are trying to find out what hides behind it. Let us introduce to you Caroline Swift.

“I’ve always been a hard worker. I never liked to imitate the working process or just dream about big goals. Work has to come first. Moreover, the field of design requires wide technical knowledge, winning quality, ability to compete. And I used to gain it with pleasure. Without a doubt, the experience in the fashion industry gave me tons of interesting moments. Actually, I enjoyed almost everything, I’ve done so far. I am still not entirely sure whether I am lucky to do what I like or just like everything I do�?, tells us Caroline.






Take a look at Caroline Swift’s creations.

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