Chocolate moment

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It’s quite apparent that the Japanese design studio “Nendo” likes chocolate. Previously, they had designed chocolate candies of different textures named “Chocolatexture”. Every one of them illustrated different Japanese words, describing the texture. Now, the newest creations of the design studio are aesthetic bars of chocolate, which are divided into twelve different parts having exceptional textures and also chocolate flasks with distinctional flavors. The idea of the project is to show that the taste of chocolate depends from the tasting procedures - the first bite and its melting in the mouth. Textures of strokes, dots, checks and others create three-dimensional patterns. This way, tasting bits of chocolate gives a new flavor every time. Five flavors have been created: milk, white, bitter chocolate, strawberry and green tea. If you want to feel a new nuance of the taste, you have to mix the chocolate in a special flask with other flavors - raspberries, mangos, little chocolate candies, sugar cubes of three different colors of heart-shape, white chocolate drops. These flavors are presented in little glass tubes. The result of the whole project is a unique experience of chocolate tasting, a possibility to explore different combinations of tastes. It also reflects the philosophy of the design studio “Nendo”, which seeks to accentuate  little joys of every day life.













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