Colorful mountains in the desert

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The least expected thing to see in the middle of the desert would probably be a work of art. And yet, Art Production Fund in New York in collaboration with Nevada Museum of Art in Reno decided to produce a specific site for a large scale project, entitled as “Seven Magic Mountains” - seven immense constructions of colorful stones created by a Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. These sculptures, which are situated in the south of Las Vegas,  take the art of balancing to new heights - fluorescent block towers are between 30 and 35 feet tall and evoke the fragility of balance. Immense stones look as if they’re going to fall any second. This project can also be seen as tentative to portray collaboration between humans and nature - whether it’s artificial or natural, an idea also emphasized by Ugo. An interesting fact: Seven Magic Mountains is one of the largest installations in the United States completed in over 40 years.





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