Conceptual travelling in time

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While ambitions in the world of design and technology are getting more and more brave and completely innovative concepts are being introduced, it has become quite apparent that the boundaries of possibilities are there only to be erased and re-shaped. Time travelling machines have not yet been invented, but what Montreal-based design studio Les Ateliers Guyon propose us is definitely a step towards to that. The extraordinary installation, which consists of three machines from a time between the past and the future, gives a unique experience to the user. These three different kind of machines (a slide carousel; a piano-gramophone of sounds and a long-chair-stationary-bike hybrid that projects images on a wide screen) represent different works of over 100 artists. The unique form of experience lets the user get completely plunged into the particular atmosphere.







While Les Ateliers Guyon create a bridge between the past and the future, Lo Res Car concept, developed by the company “United nude” evokes a particularly futuristic image. The untraditional, cosmic structure of the car is a result of lowering the 3D resolution of Lamborghini model “Countach”, designed in the early seventies. The originality of the concept resides in different details: glossy, clean surface attracts the eye because of matt black coating and the lack of… doors. The passengers can get into the car by using electric actuators, which lift the entire body of the car.







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