Fashion which looks like a painting

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Russian fashion brand “GO” by Olya Glagoleva reconciles art with fashion in a perfect way - her creations make you feel as if you’ve come to the art studio. In collaboration with a famous Russian artist Lisa Smirnova, Olya created a unique clothes collection  called “Artist at Home”. This collection is inspired by art and the singularities of an artist’s work. According to the designer, “Artist at Home” tells a story about a painter, whose home and atelier is exactly the same space and how clothes worn both at house and at work fuse together. This exceptional collection carries a spectator to a parallel designer’s universe of creation. Every outfit is unique, hand-embroidered in Lisa Smirnova’s style. At the first sight, it seems as if the paint has been splashed all over the clothes, but a more precise observation leads to a discovery that every colorful detail is very meticulously embroidered. This collection is created from cashmere, organic Indian cotton, recycled jeans from the eighties and vintage towels. According to Olya, it took more than 100 hours to create every single piece. Each one of them is sold with a little book, where all the story of creation is written. “GO” fashion studio was founded in 2014. Olya affirms that her exceptional creation style was formed by different periods of life in different corners of the world - Moscow, Indonesia, London. As she’s in favor of ecological fashion, she states that every material used is natural, hand-made or recycled and that ecology and friendly relationship with nature is one of  her main goals.














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