Growing accessories

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Designer, florist and the owner of design studio “Passionflower” Susan McLeary living in Michigan state (the USA) has created the jewelry collection “Living jewelry”. This collection transforms the notion of accessories  because traditional jewels used for production are replaced by unusual material - alive plants. The artist uses plants for creating bracelets, rings, necklaces, headbands and earrings. According to the designer, each jewel is fabricated by hand, and plants that are used were grown in the gardens of local people. She gives especially much attention to the color and composition. These jewels can be worn for three weeks, later on it is possible to re-plant them to the flower-pot and enjoy them for some years to come. Susan insists that her works are for special occassions - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Her works have been published in “Fusion Flowers” magazine and she’s also an important member of different design associations.








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