Have you ever seen an illustrated sky?

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Thomas Lamadieu, an artist born in Paris and now living in Germany, is remarkable for his impressive illustrations. The artist affirms that all of his works begin with a game of imagination. Having lift up head in the sky, Thomas tries to imagine what could fill up the empy spaces between the buildings. This is how the series of illustrations “Sky Art” was born. Thomas photographs different buildings and places in cities all over the world rotated by 360 degrees and later, using “Microsoft Paint” produces whimsical artworks. In his pictures one can recognize well known streets and palaces of Barcelona, London, Venice, Berlin, Paris and others. He puts up colorful and funky characters in the sky, or, as in series “Hair tree in the sky” the illustrator uses trees as the hair for its characters. By his works, Thomas seeks to transform the space, developed another perspective for the well known places.


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