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Vera de Pont is a designer that cannot be labeled as a one sphere creator. Vera describes herself as a designer who uses her experience in different fields: medical science, photography, textile design and much more. Her futuristic views of fashion can be noticed in her collections, which catch the attention by concepts aiming to change the way we think about fashion design.

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Two graduation projects “ Pop – up” and “Floaters of the Waterplanet” were nominated for the Renee Smeets Awards, the Melkweg Award and the Keep an eye grant. One of the projects which is called “Pop – up” became one of the most discussed projects. Each garment of the collection can be cut out from a single piece of material by the wearer and every item can be created without stitches, which makes the collection so unique. De Pont’s collection includes five silkscreen-printed, woven coats – four long and one short.



When it comes to the choice of tones, the material has contrasting colors and graphic stripes. This gives the ability to emphasize the shapes which the designer wants to show. The designer skipped the sewing part and once the coat has been cut out as a single piece, the outfit is made ready to wear. As Vera calls it “it is a colorful piece of texture that easily transforms into a coat of your choosing. All you need is a pair of scissors “. The collection also contains silkscreened and a woven version. Once the design pops into shape, you just need to put it on.





Second project “Floaters of the Waterplanet” contains floaters, which were all made in order for its wearers to stay adrift in the fluid surroundings. As Vera describes “textiles, accessories and fashion silhouettes become voluminous. Lightweight. Foamy and colorful”. The tones are soft and warm, they are combined with bouncy layers covering the body. The designer says that strong knits and cords enclosing the skin were made to prevent water from entering. Both collections represent a modern take on the fashion industry and already received recognition for its concepts. As Vera says about her work “whether it is a visual project or materialized, my work balances between alpha and beta. Working both in fantasy and reality”.

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