Icy bad boys

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Life is too short and there’s no time to waste on a bunch of bland ice cubes that just dilute your drink! Here is a little guide by Gabriel Cabrera from The Artful Desperado on how to make your own game-changing flavored ice cubes at home. All you need is a simple home-made chocolate syrup, some spices, and you’re good to go. The chocolate ones are aces with any kind of milky drink (or even in coffee) and the spiced ones are killer on bourbon and whiskey based cocktails. The process of making flavoured ice cubes is very easy. It’s just like making regular ice, but with not just water. You just have to flavour a liquid, and freeze it.

Ingredients: liquid (e.g. juice, water, wine); flavoring/infusing agents (spices, tea, aromatics); sweetener (agave syrup, rice syrup, honey).

The Method: infuse (heat of boil liquid with add-ins, or let them sit together in the fridge overnight for 24 hours). Cool liquid, strain, and place in ice trays. Enjoy!

For more delicious recipes visit The Artful Desperado and ManMade.



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