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When you first see the installation of Tezi Gabunia  called “Put Your Head into the Gallery”, the mind just starts thinking that suddenly everything shrank like in the scene of Alice and Wonderland. The artist from Tbilisi, Georgia started his career in 2011 and since then he has produced over 100 paintings and over 20 series of installations. Tezi focuses on contemporary cultural issues and practices in various fields of art. The artist describes his method as  falsification, which is a reflection upon the basic features of contemporary world.



“Put Your Head into the Gallery” was created as an interactive art project, which takes us to the representation of four art rooms. The most interesting aspect of this project is that each of us can become a part of the exhibition. The gallery is made accessible for everyone, because the models are made as a transportable feature. Each model was made as a copy for the most famous museums in the world, for example even Louvre.







The main concept and goal was to support translation of the artist’s main concept (which is falsification) into objective world. The model becomes the significant part of the project, because he is being presented as a virtual message. The main technical support used during the production of models was made by the laser cutting technology. The materials which were used: PVC, plexiglass, wooden paper, two-component glue and models of the museums give that realistic effect.




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As the artist mentions, the idea is that everything that enters the gallery becomes an exhibit. In this case, people have to put their head into the model and when the picture is made you can see yourself appearing in the artists’ work. The project changes the concept that has been used in the museums over the years. This work erases the boundaries and walls between the work of art and the viewer. The audience can interact with the project and become a part of it. The project was highly recognized by the local and the international media.

TG - logo Photography: Andro Eradze, Saba Shengelia, Chipo Pelicano, Giorgi Machavariani, Ani Beridze

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