Interview series: 3 Portuguese artists

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We are all familiar with the definition of the word artist. It’s a person who creates art and who has certain skills in drawing, painting, or others. It’s a skilled performer creating works of art that receive compliments or criticism. To most of us, art seems to be an abstract medium, allowing us to express our emotions, feelings, and opinion on various political or personal issues. But actually it’s more than that. Countries constantly develop individual forms of art along with particular styles. One of these countries is Portugal, which has its own character, recognizable in fine arts, graphical, design works.

In this chapter The world of Art we travel and talk to artists from particular countries, introducing the style that they have developed, and what differences and similarities we can notice by watching their work and listening to their ideas. Portugal is one of the countries that is well known for the unique, expressive and modern style observable in its art industry. Painters, illustrators, graphic designers and other creative people have created works, which express not only their individual opinion, but also mark a big step in the art world.

This time we decided to meet such artists as the painter Joana Rego, Ana Aragão, illustrator and animator Carolina Buzio. All of them have strong influence on others and all of them are individual artists, expressing their ideas through the visual content recognizable in Portugal. But also all of them are from different areas of art. These women shared their experience, thoughts with Llamas’ Valley readers and showed us their works, which make Portugal stand out in the world of art.

Ana Aragão_profile

Ana Aragão, photo by Bruno Barbosa

Carolina Buzio_portrait

Carolina Buzio, photo by Jules Villbrandt

Joana Rego_profile_1

Joana Rego, photo by Bruno Barbosa

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