Intriguing Hi-Lo shelving by Moving Mountains

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Hi-Lo Shelving by Moving Mountains design studio is equally sculptural and functional. This shelving piece pairs high and low materials to generate intrigue from a familiar stepped form. The contrasts in textures and colors create a graphic play between the fractured marble and common plywood, as the composition of colored shapes wax and wane when viewed from different angles. Bold enough to stand alone, this shelving piece will command attention, while feeling right at home amongst beloved possessions. Working with regional craftsmen, Moving Mountains studio produces furniture as well as its own line of accessories. The name Moving Mountains is both an allusion and tribute to the Hawaiian archipelago and its imperceptible movement northwestward. Though born and raised in Hawaii, Syrette Lew managed to find her way to yet another island 5000 miles away. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



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