Japanese artist creates surreal art

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By looking at the photography of Miki Takahashi, you suddenly feel that mystical and surreal atmosphere, which the artist is trying to create. Her works have a certain characteristic side, which attracts the viewers. Sudden movements, portraits combined with dark and grey tones create a strong conceptual artwork. The artist searches for the inspiration in the daily life, emotions, feelings, and creates a visual form of them, which reflects all of it perfectly. Miki, who grew up in Tokyo, told us about the concept behind the photographs, and the meanings, which are very close to her personal life.

Introduce yourself. What do you do?

My name is Miki Takahashi, and I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. At the moment I am working in a record company as a motion designer and video editor. I am responsible for editing various videos such as: music videos, concerts and etc. I enjoy taking photographs, editing them. It started as a hobby, and with time, it has become my work.


Where do you search for inspiration?

In my opinion, you can find inspiration everywhere. I would probably say that I get inspiration from what I like to do and what interests me: watching movies, music video, art and listening music.

Why did you decide to be a photographer?

My decision was to become a video editor, and work in this sphere. This first idea actually brought me where I am today. I always wanted to be a music video director, since I always enjoyed music. In the future my plans are related to working in the photography sphere, which would be still relative to music. I would like to be a photographer, who takes portraits, especially those of musicians.


What is important in your work? What style of photography (portrait, still life, architectural ) do you like?

When I am working, I always try to put all my feeling into it. When I am feeling the uncertainty of life, for example. I believe that this is very important for an artist, and for his/ her works. I always try show the real emotions, and what I see in them, in this world. I prefer two types of photography: portrait and candid photography. They actually interest me the most, and I find them really amazing.


Project that you are working on right now: maybe you can tell us about it?

I am still thinking about the project, which I would like to work now, so let‘s keep it a little secret (smiles)

What motivates you to work?

The life that has a routine, and does not give any experience to a person is boring to me. Probably this is what motivates me. I want to change something, I’m always searching for inspiration and ideas. To make life more meaningful and interesting not only for myself, but also for others.

How do you imagine your life after 2 years? Do you see yourself working in another country?

Oh, the idea about working in another country sounds really exciting! This would  be an amazing chance for me. I really want to go and explore other countries. But for now, there are so many things that I want to experience in my own country – Japan.

I saw your works on Behance site, and the photographs are very mysterious, minimal, beautiful. Can you describe us the project ‚ ‘Utakata’. What is the concept?

UTAKATA is a sentence from a Japanese author, poet and essayist Kamo no Chōmei of the early Kamakura period. The meaning of this is that all earthy things pass away. This phrase is very close to me. I have the same feelings. For me the process of monotony in life sounds really bad. But on the other hand, I fear the change. Both of these contradicting emotions exist inside of me.



You have some photographs from the trip to Taiwan, Italy, Turkey. Where have you travelled and lived? Which country is your favourite?

I have only lived in Japan. But I truly believe that every country has a unique culture. There is no particular place which is my favorite, so probably if I had to choose – all of them would be in Asia. The reason for it is because they all have different cultures.

Have you organized some exhibitions?

No, I haven ‘t organized any exhibitions yet.

What is your main goal as a photographer now?

My main goal for the future would be taking more pictures. At the moment my work is only related to self-portraits. But my dream is to take photos of musicians, friends and of course, family.

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