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Imagine falling asleep under the warm autumnal sky, studdled with stars, then brewing mint tea early in the morning, taking your sailboard together and letting wind carry you through limpid waters. Dome “Oasis”, which is the newest creation of Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras, is dedicated for everybody who seeks to experience the present moment to the fullest.

The very first “Oasis” has found its place in the paradise of kites called Svencele (Lithuania). Here it irresistably invites to come closer, look inside and hear the intriguing story how this “bubble” came to life and who lives in it.

Time in it magically stops or rather simply disappears. It is safe and comfortable here, as if one was sitting in the capsule of time. According to designer V.Puzeras, this special feeling is due to curved arches of the dome. “They have a very positive affection. It feels as if the arches wrap you up but at the same time they don’t obstruct the view of the surroundings. The nature and starry sky can be seen in whole 360 degrees,” Vytautas tells the story. “A very specific sense occurs while being inside of it – I am. Here and now. There’s no need to rush, you just fix the present moment and marvel at it. As if you were a drop of water in the nature.”

Clean and minimalistic conception of the “Oasis” was born in Vytautas head while searching for a place where he could feel comfortably with a close person or simply with himself and nothing would disturb thoughts and feelings. Designer has been practising sailing for more than ten years. What’s more, six years ago the kites found a special place in his life. Whenever he feels there are favorable winds and has some free time, the choice is to be near water. “I have tried houses on wheels and the houses of Svencelė called containers, but I’ve always came back to the thought that I don’t want to come back to square boxes after having spent some time in the nature. I understood that I need to find a new solution to this problem,” he explains.

This is how the idea of a limpid dome was born. Idea of a place, where you could find shelter from strong winds and storms, but wouldn’t feel disconnected from nature. Place, where you could observe the waters as much as the hear wishes and sleep under the stars at night.

Only one experimental model of “Oasis” has been produced, whose stability and resistance in different circumstances is tested by Vytautas himself. The dome can be built in half of a day, its construction easily fits in a small trailer or a bigger car. The arches are made from segmented veneer, which is humidity-resistant. They are also covered with special glass-clear canopy. The double bottom of the “Oasis” (or bottom capsule) can be lifted and is designed to keep the things, sailboards and kites in it so that the inside of the dome could be kept clear and devoid of anything that could disturb the meditational atmosphere.

Six people can fit in easily inside the dome. Among the designer’s plans there are sun batteries so that the dome could be completely independent from energetical resources and people could charge their mobile phones, computers or turn on the fridge. Before these projects become reality, a soft mattress and a tea-pot is all what one needs.

According to Vytautas, “Oasis” was projected for those, who like spending their time in the nature in an aesthetical, conceptual way. “It’s for city people who love nature, travelers, lovers of sport activities, a solution for honey moon or just having good time next to the lake,” names the creator. “It’s like a very own and private space.”

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