Lullaby: sculptural pendant light by Monica Förster

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Taking inspiration from shaping techniques of the acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi, Swedish designer Monica Förster has created a series of Lullaby pendant lights in sustainable materials that exude opalescence and lightness. Beautiful new addition to the Lightyears collection! Monica Förster’s work is characterised by a strong sense of pure form mixed with a never ending curiosity for new materials and technology. The Lullaby pendants are made from stone paper with ash lamellae. The stone paper is fashioned into pentagonal, yet slightly organic-looking shapes using five slender ash lamellae. Stone paper is made from crushed limestone, which is robust and water-repellent, yet soft and sensory. In addition, stone paper has outstanding luminous qualities, which enable the Lullaby to emit a soft, muted light that communicates a cosy, natural atmosphere to the room.




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