Magic of suspended stones

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Berlin-based design studio Borgman Lenk has come up with an extraordinary project: have you seen an enormous rock suspended in the sky? Danish-German artist duet Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk have done exactly this : their Wurf-Projekt (Throw-Project) is the result of a curious investigation of the relationship between sculpture (or material) and particular space. The on-going project consists of two parts Wurf I and Wurf II, by which the duo installs enormous heavy-looking stones in a greenhouse and in a monastery.


Meticulously constructed paper-mache sculpture, which creates a monolithic impression, contrasts with the fragility of the greenhouse’s glass. Anna and Candy emphasize that various spaces (either public or private) fascinate them because of the relations that we have with spatial experience: “As perceiving creatures we can never elude spatiality”. This aspect serves as a pretext for the artists to interfere and explore this relation in a more profound way. They also add that their interests embrace all the aspects concerning the space: its relation with a human, history, the surroundings, what it means to adopt certain space, what memory and the atmosphere of the space holds and what influence it has on others. Every project begins with an identification of the site and coming up with concepts to the further development.

In the second phase of the project, this stone was moved to Grimma monastery near Leipzig city and hanged on a 13 m long steel cable from the roof truss of a 580 year old Monastery Church. The hanging rock creates a strong sense of suspension and echoes the heaviness of the monastery.


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