Photo story: Mexico Color Palette

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Mexico City’s color palette exists as a fantastical and uplifting aspect amidst the city’s massive scale. The palette of the buildings around the city mimic the country’s rich cultural connection to the vibrant colors that infuse so many daily aspects of life here.

As a foreigner getting to know this impressive city, I have felt the unconscious, but equally present, emotional swings of the effect that colors have on the human psyche. The bright paints that decorate various houses and buildings subtly evoke emotions, and a simple walk has left me feeling a sensory overloaded, coupled with the city’s never ending stream of stimuli. The playful palette that exists here is far from the monochrome one that exists in so many other parts of the world- and the refreshing fearless show of color swings emotions, but mostly in a way that appreciates and embraces the beautiful, colorful world that we exist in.

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