Museum’s floor in fresh pastel

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Peter Zimmermann, a German-based artist has created an exceptional pastel installation entitled as “Freiburg School”, situated  in a building with a unique history. In the beginning of the 20th century this building was a girls’ school and now it’s a museum of Freiburg town. Peter has decided to turn the museum’s floor into a huge canvas painted in fresh pastel colors. This dreamy creation of sky blue, peach and rose hues takes up place of 425 square meters. Visitors of “Freiburg School” are invited to take a walk in these transformed spaces of the museum, sit down on pastel floor and become an equal part of the artwork. According to the artist, such contribution of the visitors gives a dynamic touch to the installation. Sneakers leave various prints on the floor, (which is covered with epoxidic resin), heels can leave certain other marks. Peter also says that these scratches remind of the brushstrokes. The title of the installation symbolizes particularly sceptical attitude of the artist towards to traditional tools of education, such as encyclopaedias, theories, tractates. He aims to create a bridge which would lead to new and contemporary forms of education. “Freiburg School” is first work in his hometown.





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