Not a wonderland

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Groomy Disney castle, crashed Cinderella’s pumpkin-carriage and terrifying carousel - seems like something wrong has happened? Mysterious street-artist Banksy and his first open exhibition “Dismaland send a clear message:”Life isn’t always a fairy-tale”. 

Dismaland” is a recently opened themed park in
Weston-super-Mare (England) which, however, doesn’t remind any of everyone’s  beloved amusement parks with colorful balloons, happy princesses and funny rides. At the entry Dismaland visitors are greeted by depressed staff and the whole exhibition reminds more of an apocalyptic park rather than fun one. In this park satyrical artist Banksy together with 58 other contemporary artists represents more realistic exhibits, reflecting the modern society and environment, also highlighting the history of cultural movements. 

The opening of this themed park has caused plenty of debate. Some might find Dismaland ironic and humorous, shocking or really artistic, but one is clear - it is not a park that’s suitable for children. Rather than that, it was called “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction“, which, however, became wildly popular by visitors, art lovers and everyone missing something different than a sweet, cotton-coated fairy-tale. 


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