Photo series analyzing water problems

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German photographer Stephan Zirwes has been photographing objects from above for years. His newest creation is photo series called “Pools”. In this project, he shot various pools situated in Germany. Stephan’s photos remind of precisely drawn pictures. Nevertheless, the artist emphasizes that objects in these photos are real, but with an intention to widen the surrounding surface of the pool, he used the retouching programmes. The goal of the series is to show that visual art is not for pleasure only - it can analyze important problems. According to Stephan, “Pools” analyzes one of the most expensive and vitally important ressource on the Earth, which is water. By this analysis, Stephan seeks to attire attention to the problem of consummation. He affirms that people tend to privatize things that should be common for everybody, such as water, so “Pools” sends a message that it’s important to pay attention to the wasted amounts of drinking water. Stephan is against the idea of private bools and says that it’s one of the reasons why drinking water is wasted - he insists that all the pools should be public.





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