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Santino Alexander Santillana Garmara was 21 when he opened a door of a café in one of the most trendy and ‘arty’ streets in Copenhagen, called Guldbersgade. A dropout from school, he believed there is something more than just a formal education and he decided to pursue his vision. That’s how LOS was born.



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If you tried to guess what the name of the café ‘LOS’ stands for, it would take a while. Unless you knew the origin of the founder Santino, whose mom is Peruvian, thus Spanish language is not remote to him. ‘LOS’ in Spanish mean ‘the’ - an article for plural noun. It fosters interpretations about the place being special and somehow individual for guests in one or the other way. It is bonded with people visiting it; it becomes a part of their meaningful daily rituals: a cup of coffee after lunch, a default meeting spot with the best friend, or a chit-chat place where you stop after work for a fresh beverage. The people that visit it are creating the café and that what makes it ‘THE’ place for them.





Year by year café has organically turned into a gallery where now young artists can exhibit and get their works sold. However, it is not as straightforward as it may sound. The place is very unique and special due to the community of alternatives. Creative people  gather here on Friday evenings when local DJs cheer people’s souls with good music. Here everyone can dance their week’s tiredness off and celebrate upcoming weekend or get some creative inspiration when starring at exhibited objects that look different in a dimmed gallery’s light.



In LOS people gather to meet their friends, say ‘Hi’, tap on the shoulder to Santino and wish a good day after a great cup of coffee. There is only one spot to charge a laptop, as it is much more the place to be offline, not online. And that what LOS founder believes quality time should be spent like.



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