Reflective installations

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Iran-based artist Shirin Abedinirad creates exceptional reflective installations. Her newest project “Babel Tower” has resulted from a creative collaboration with Italian designer Gugo Turelli. Shrina affirms that “Babel Tower” is an interactive installation which reconstructs the idea of a historical Babel tower, however with this concept she tried to make a more relevant approach to our days. Babel here serves as symbolic bridge between past and present, earth and sky. It is affirmed that the Babel tower was a building constructed in Babylon, with help of which people seeked to achieve the sky. This new interpretation of the tower continues this concept – sky, reflected in the mirrors, symbolises the union of sky and earth.





According to the artist, her creations reflect the dialogue between the human and the nature. She was born in 1986 in Iran, finished the studies of graphic and fashion design in the university of Teheran. Now she’s creating and living between Florence (Italy) and Teheran.




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