Room for poetry

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Black frames, whimsical accessories, flower petals and ceramics. What could all of these things possibly have in common? The answer can be found in Galerie 3e Parallèle in Paris, which has recently become a venue for intricate creations by Dietlind Wolf and Lyndie Dourthe. A gallery which always exhibits two artists at the same time offers its visitors to take a look at the outcome of this creative collaboration.

Lyndie and Dietlind, both with a keen eye on aesthetics and small details, have joined forces for a poetic exhibition “Mirabilia” where beautifully assembled pieces instantly grab an eye. Dietlind, whose works are inspired by authenticity of antique ceramics, created empty black stoneware and colored porcelain frames. They are a result of last year’s work and creative inspirations – it was the research about the salons of the earlier times done for a special exhibition which triggered love for heavy black frames. The notion of emptiness attires Dietlind because of possibilities it gives for a spectator’s imagination – she believes there is certain beauty in blank spaces which encourages creativity. The artist sees her creations as frames for colorful thoughts and also as tools to conceal the stories so that the spectator could re-invent them himself. Inspiration for embroidery comes from the Venetian mirrors and Frida Kahlo’s artistic work. Some of the creations look as though they were hair bands, decorated with big flowers. These pieces go well together with Lyndie’s creative input – framed interpretations of a human heart, playful little dolls in glass boxes, flower decorations, colorful imitations of mushrooms and other nature details. As Dietland concludes, she thinks that her and Lyndie’s works go perfectly well together and evokes a poetic mood.



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