Snowpuppe: the magic of paper

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Nellianna van den Baard and Kenneth Veenenbos, the two creative Dutch people behind Studio Snowpuppe, are not only in love with each other, they also adore the combination of paper and light coming together.

“We really like creating a beautiful structure out of a simple piece of paper. In nature almost everything evolves from basic geometrical patterns. We use this as a starting point for our designs”, says Nelliana.

We talk to Nelliana and Kenneth in their beautiful studio in Hague. It is a place where the two materialize their ideas. This is what a creative day at Studio Snowpuppe looks like: “In the morning we start with a cup of coffee and we do our folding work. We are now a team of four. This gives a lot of energy to the room folding and preparing the lampshades. During the folding we talk about the places where the lampshades are shipped to and sometimes we look them up on Google maps. It is very nice to when a lampshade is shipped, for example, to a beach house in New Zealand. In the afternoon we prepare small projects, think about the future and get a small step further in our adventure everyday.”




Visit Studio Snowpuppe.

Read the interview with Nelliana and Kenneth in Llamas’ Valley | Creative spaces issue. Download your interactive copy on iPad! Available in the App Store.


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