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This is an example of style which brings the happiness and joy not only to the eyes, but also to the souls. A fashion stylist and  founder of the blog “The Cutielicious” from Italy Federica creates a content in which her colorful personality find a way to our hearts. Her photography represents the  Japanese kawaii culture side, which is combined with the details that create this wonderful look. Federica tells us the story of her blog and how she became fascinated by the world of blogging.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everyone! My name’s Federica, I live in Italy, I work as a Fashion Stylist and Fashion Blogger. Welcome to my world full of colors and cuteness!


What does the name “The Cutielicious” mean?

The Cutielicious is a mix of Cute and Delicious, two words that are quite describing my personality, you will always find on my blog that touch of pop and Japanese kawaii culture.

How did you get interested in blogging and how long have you been doing this?

My blog was born in 2012, but the truth is I have always loved taking pictures, writing, posing and creating my looks, so when I discovered the “world” of blogging it was completely natural for me to feel the need to create my own space, where I could share my point of view, my interpretation of life!



You have graduated in Politics and International law, but you are writing a blog which focuses on Japan and fashion. Why did you decide to choose these topics?

Yes, I have graduated in Politics and International Law, but my passions have always been fashion and Japan, so I decided to mix them, and the result is something that completely describes me: the love for trends and style but with a touch of quirkiness?

How would you describe your style? Where do you search for inspiration?

I would define myself with Manga Pop style. I get inspired by everything I see: runways, new collections, magazines, Internet, but also movies, music, photography. I am always looking around me, seeking for something new.



Did the idea for your blog change over the years?

My blog has really evolved with time passing by, like my style. Content is different, the pictures have improved - the more experience you have, the more you can manage your work.


How do you try to express yourself over your blog? What kind of content do you publish, so that your readers would be interested?

I only write about things I love - from new trends to emerging designers - and I think people really get it. I try to be positive, happy and always smiling.


3 words that would describe your blog.

Fresh, Young, Funny.

How does your regular morning look like? How do you motivate yourself to write a blog?

There’s no “regular morning”, there’s no routine in my work, and this is my favorite thing. Every day is different, everyday there’s something new to focus on, it could be a new shooting, or maybe a new Instagram concept, even a new article…

What advice would you give to someone, who is interested in writing a blog?

The work of a blogger is not easy at all: you need to be very focused, you need to count on a good team of trusted people that can support you and finally, you must have something to tell (smiles)


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