Swich: elegant wireless smartphone charger

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Swich is a wireless charger for iPhone, Android and WP. It’s cool, elegant, easy to use, and it will change your daily routine. A team of creatives from Ljubljana, Slovenia, got inspired by nature. And so they created a mobile accessory from sustainable materials only. They used ceramic, American walnut, and an acrylic foam sheet with micro-suction cups that magically hold you phone in place. The round arc of Swich was derived from the form of wild sea waves. The signature structure is pushing the phone to glide atop of the micro suction, a reminiscence to surfers riding waves. Swich intact is sending power through waves to your smartphone device. The system is composed of a power transmission pad inside Swich and a compatible receiver inside the phone. Simply place your phone on top of the transmission pad to fill the battery.

You can read more about this cute gadget and support it’s creators on Kickstarter


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