Tarnish: the ever changing story by Daniel Schofield

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The Tarnish Collection by British designer Daniel Schofield is a range of solid brass functional object, which simple surface treatment helps to create narrative. Each piece is mirror polished then left half un – lacquered. Over time and with use then un-treated half will begin to tarnish, mainly from the natural oils secreted from the skin. The more they are used the stronger the tarnishing becomes thus creating a patina and story unique to the user of the piece. The aim of this range is to create beautiful, functional objects that develop a narrative with it’s owner and in doing so become treasured personal pieces.

Daniel Schofield’s approach to design is inspired and shaped by his varied background. After leaving school Daniel studied Art and Graphics, from there is was onto a Carpentry apprenticeship building houses and offices, and restoring historic buildings. This combination then evolved itself naturally into design, culminating in a degree in furniture and product design. Daniel Schofield was awarded with New Design Britain Award in 2013.


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