T. Sapey: a magician of spaces

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“Hi! I’m Teresa and I’m a magician”, she says. Talking to one of the world’s most talented architects is an exciting experience. Teresa Sapey, an Italian living in Madrid for many years, designs spaces with feelings. Let’s take a glimpse into her colorful life.

Her studio in Madrid has quite an interesting back-story. It was one of the most famous places where people came to see flamenco dancers and singers. It is said that Ava Gardner met Dominguín, the famous bullfighter, in this tablao. The essence of the tableo is still present in the studio of Teresa Sapey.

Teresa really doesn’t care whether people like her work or not. She just doesn’t want them to remain indifferent to her projects. Sometimes even mistakes may be turned into virtues, she says. Teresa finds inspiration everywhere, not only in big cities – in nature too. She truly believes that perfection lies in the world, not in the human.


The interview with Teresa Sapey was featured in Llamas’ Valley / Spring issue. Enjoy the beautifully interactive version on you iPad! Download now from the App Store.

Visit Teresa’s studio.


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