The magic of simplicity

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Pacing to and fro in the kitchen, stirring a pan, filling the boiling pot with the ingredients, touching the meat to see whether it’s ready, stirring the sautéed paella again, checking the stew in the oven… Ingredient after ingredient, with an open mind, feet firmly steady to the ground, heart pounding with emotions, mind clear and always restless… This is the way chef Nandu Jubany, owner of Michelin-starred restaurant “Can Jubany”, daily falls in love with food and turns it into contemporary culinary passion.

Why not serve sushi in aperitif glasses, or make egg-shaped truffles, why not heat what’s supposed to be cold or freeze a normally warm plate? This is what turns Nandu’s kitchen into the Cuisine of Senses – a place to experience traditional tastes in a different way.


Mr. Nandu, what is…

…the best green thing?

– Peas and beans.

…the best red thing?

– Tomato!

…the best brown thing?

– Mushrooms.

…the best white thing?

– Milk and yogurt.

…the best black thing?

– Sepia and Arros Negra

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