The romantic mirror

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The special thing about the mirror #180, a new product by Nikolaus Kayser and Nicole Losos, a Berlin based design duo Halb/halb, is it’s romantic aspect. “Because of its two halves that can be angled, the mirror reflects two perspectives – it can be used for decorative purposes in a room showing both a wall and a window for example, but there is also the effect of two people standing next to one another in a position which is usually personal and intimate,” says Nikolaus Kayser from Halb/halb. “We work together all day as designers, but at the end of the day we come home as a couple, and can see ourselves as such in the design.”

Mirror #180 is a flat mirror with two mirror halves angled to each other. Due to the angle, you see two different perspectives of the room or the thing in front of it. Depending on the angle, you’ll see totally different things.


More about Halb/halb.

Available here.

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