The spell behind KRZISCH

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How can a special bond with clothes be created? Is it possible? Or is it even necessary? The young generation of designers have a lot of niggling questions at their minds, but these are the ones that encouraged Maïa Krzisch take a little step further and explore the possibilities of fashion design. The girl who once fell in love with handmade accessories and started working as a stylist in a company “Golden hook”, focusing on hand-knit accessories, inevitably got inspired to set up her own brand.


“I tried to create a continuous circle between the creation and fabrication which could bring to each piece a more personal, social and artisanal aspect than just making clothes”, - she explains. The result – distinctive brand with a clear focus on unisex aesthetics and quality products. “Every season, a big part of the collections are hand-knitted or crocheted by grandmothers around France. The other part is fabricated in a little atelier near Paris. What is more, Krzisch products are made from natural French materials and each of them is signed by a person who made it. These elements give force to the timeless unisex collections I create.” The professional family of the brand, as Maïa calls her team, is undoubtedly the ultimate strength of the brand. However, don’t get disillusioned by thinking that hand made things ooze the spirit of the old: Krzisch’s collections often quote the past but also look to the future. Graphics, architectural shapes go well with traditional patterns. “The idea is to make a quality project based on human work and to advance in social and creativity spheres,” – this is how the young creator sums up the brand and its objectives. Quite a refreshing attitude in a fast living society.

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