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In the modern art world chaos seems to reign supreme. The abundance of different ideas, original works and hectic styles very often leaves the spectator with his head spinning. Nevertheless, Austin Radcliffe dares to be sharply neat – his blog “Things organized neatly” is a place where anybody tired from the excessive visual noise can be hypnotized by structured compositions.

jim golden - guns

jim golden - barrettes

Your blog seems to successfully perform several roles: not only it has a strong visual material, but it can also be seen as a psychologically soothing place. What was your goal when creating this project and did you have these aspects in mind?

There really wasn’t a goal when I started the blog, other than to collect images in this style. I was interested in cultural trends and zeitgeist, so in that I was successful in making a mark on culture. But I didn’t set out to do this from the start. As for the calming nature of the images, maybe that was part of my initial draw, which I think also relates to minimalism, scientific studies, and the white cube theory of galleries.

Adam Voorhes

How does the process of creating all the compositions look like? Does it happen spontaneously?

I think in my own images, the compositions go together like a visual puzzle. This relates to the graphic design grid and relationships between the individual objects to the whole layout.

Radcliffe - Brushes Organized Neatly

Would you agree that colours greatly contribute to the visual suggestiveness of these neat compositions?

Color is a great way to organize. Jim Golden & Barry Rosenthal have done some nice layouts by color. Emily Blincoe does especially well.

Toast David Corns - Modern Makers

Bobby Doherty for NY magazine

You are also working on a book based on this project right now. How are things going?

Very well, thank you. We are in the design phase now, and the book should be out next spring.

September Industry

“Things organized neatly” was born from an emerging trend you noticed. Do you keep track of graphic design trends now and do you see any new ones?

I follow contemporary art now, moreso than design. I couldn’t tell you the latest fonts like I used to.

jim golden video games

A blog about perfectly organized things is only one project among a lot of others that you’re immersed in. How does your daily routine look like?

Every day, every week is different. This month I have a contract with Fitz & Co., I try to prioritize the most important projects and focus on those things, but something unusual inevitably comes up.


You’re passionate about culture. In one of your recent interviews, you mentioned about looking back at hiphop culture and history. Do your creations somehow echo all your influences?

I have a vast array of interests, some of which are only distantly interconnected. In a broad sense, my interest in collecting hip hop knowledge is a reflection of my interest in cultural movements.

Radcliffe - Cincinnati image, styling Jessie Cundiff, shot at Studio V

What do you enjoy most about working in graphic design and photography?

I would say I work primarily in the art world now, but in that + photography I enjoy the creativity and problem solving that comes along with visual work.

Are there any new projects the world is going to hear Austin Radcliffe make waves with?

I worked on a photo campaign with Fossil watch co, which will be out soon. I moved to Cincinnati a little less than a year ago, and am exploring the options of opening a gallery, curating, or working with some museums or other arts organizations there. Many projects in the works, but nothing cemented yet.

Brooke Shanesy for Brush Factory-neatlyorganized

Springs Organized Neatly 1 - Brooke Shanesy Austin Radcliffe

Walter de Maria - sculpture

Fallon Organized Neatly - Winnipesaukee

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