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Edvinas Bruzas, a Lithuanian living and working in London, has created an exceptional “Water Journal” together with his colleagues. This unique magazine tells extraordinary stories about water, its beauty and people’s relation with it. Edvinas shares his thoughts upon the project with “Llamas’ Valley” readers.


Edvinas, please, introduce yourself!

My name is Edvinas and I am twenty-three years old. I was born in Vilnius and studied creative industries in London. This is the city that I’m living in at the moment and where I’m working on various projects related to press and digital design. In short – I love design and water!

Tell us more about “Water Journal”.

“Water Journal” is a new independent magazine, full of stories about undeniable beauty of water, its complexity and our own intimate relations with this topic. Articles, photographs, letters, poems, artworks make the content of the journal, which is a collection of various things all united by the water theme. It’s a special edition magazine which will be released two times in a year.

Who came up with the idea to create this magazine and how did it happen?

“Water journal” was created out of sincere love to water and press. This topic is one of the most widely described topics in the world. It’s not important whether it’s a press release or a website, conversations about water usually are oriented towards problems which people have to face: there are many discussions about political campaigns, preservation of drinkable water. Of course, all these talks are very important, but, on the other hand, in this way a problematic and very often – negative discourse is being developed about this natural and essential element of nature. Having traveled in Europe, the United States, Asia, I’ve met many people who think the same way as I do and who told me stories about what place water occupies in their lives. Not only it broadened my horizons, but it also encouraged me to share the material I’ve collected with others and to immortalize it in one magazine. This is how our journey started.


What stories does it tell?

In our first issue, you will find a story about a floating settlement in a delta of Mekong in Vietnam; a pond for people leading a healthy lifestyle in London which hasn’t changed since 1930; a design collection “Undae” which was inspired by the textures of waves; story about the Punt Lubos shore of fishermen in Mexico which was transformed into a building site, about Japanese white coal drinkable water’s cleaning production and many, many other stories, poems and artworks.

Who is the reader of “Water Journal”?

“Water Journal” is dedicated for all those who feel close to water, nature and the Earth. It’s for people who want to plunge in stories from all the corners of the world, for those who love magazines and for whom a good magazine is like a good book; for those who treat the magazine as a design element and who constantly want to re-read the stories in it.

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