What is your color perception?

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Meet Liz West - an artist creating vivid environments which are a combination of luminous color and radiant light. She is working across a variety of mediums and creates significant and exclusive work. The main concept of Wests works’ is to provoke a sensory awareness of the viewer. One of her installations is called “The Color Perception” and it’s Liz West’s largest size installation to date.

The project was incorporated in a 5000 square feet of Castle Field Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House fourth floor in Manchester. For the project the artist used T8 fluorescent bulbs and cellulose gels which give the possibility to achieve the particular result. West was interested in exploring how sensory phenomena can evoke psychological and physical responses that tap into our own deeply entrenched relationships with color.


6. Liz West, Your Colour Perception, 2015

3. Liz West, Your Colour Perception, 2015

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