White world of Elena Gardin

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White walls cross a high white ceiling. A big white couch faces long white shelves. A pure-white bedroom centered around a bed that is more of a cloud blazes through tall white doors. We are surrounded by the impression of a vacuum where no noise, dust, or even problems exist. Only a little woman in a black dress and huge smile adds some spice to the white space. “It is easier to dream when surrounded by pureness,” says Elena Gardin, the composer of this white world and the author of the design blog “Facing North With Gracia”.


Visit Elena’s sunny Barcelonian home and read her story in Llamas’ Valley / Autumn issue. Download the magazine on iPad. Available in the App Store.

Llamas Valley_Elena_08

Llamas Valley_Elena_29

Visit Elena’s blog Facing North With Gracia. 

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