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When at some point in her life Chelsea Grace Miller (32) found herself asking “What do I want in my life?”, the process of finding it out wasn’t very easy. She was having fun trying and experiencing all different things that you could possibly think of. Finally, her hands and knives have found each other. No, not in a dangerous but in a very creative way. Differently shaped, sharpened and designed, all beautifully made just by one young woman’s hands, Chelsea Miller’s knives become a part of many people’s hearts and kitchens.

Her story begins with memories of how it all has started: “After being in New York for nine years I started visiting my family in Vermont more frequently. My father had been ill so it was an opportunity to visit and help him. It was also a chance to spend some time on my own and take a break from the entertainment business. I started playing around with metal and wood and found that it brought out a calm in me I’d been searching for.” Now her one-of-a-kind knives collections reach the peaks of top selections, are widely wanted by kitchen chefs, collectors and unique things’ lovers.

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- Chelsea, could you briefly tell us through the process of your work?

My work starts with inspiration, I cannot create effectively when I’m stressed about deadlines and unfinished products. I begin with old horseshoe rasps and cut and grand them into my desired shapes. I then sand and sharpen the metal. I collect wood from my family’s farm in Vermont and attach the wood to the knife and sand the handle. The process is very labor intensive but when in the right mindset it is very enjoyable.

- What makes your knives eccentric and unique?

My knives are made entirely by me. I have my dad cut out the shapes for me in his shop. It’s really wonderful having my dad’s help, it’s been a great way to connect. But everything else is made by myself. Also, my materials are unique because I recycle horseshoe rasps for my blades and I hand pick each handle from slabs and stumps and sometimes live trees from Vermont.

- How long does it take to make a knife?

The length of time it takes to make a knife depends on to how many I have on order and what else is going on in my life. Also, my level of stress and pressure to meet deadlines. I can make one knife in a day but I cannot make 100 knives in 100 days.

- How many knives have you made through your whole life?

I’m not sure how many knives I’ve made so far but it’s in the hundreds.


- Have you got one that is your absolute favorite?

I have had many favorite knives, they are usually the pieces that turned out to be happy accidents. The little surprises are always welcomed in my creative process.

- People say that women with knives are either dangerous or very good at kitchen. Which one of them are you?

I don’t consider myself to be dangerous or very good in the kitchen. I’m a passionate cook and my knives help me slow down and admire the ingredients because otherwise I move too fast and burn something of cut myself.

- What are your other hobbies and activities?

I have many hobbies like singing, acting, yoga, always striving to learn new things and be my best most effective self.

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