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Brit from Roswell, Georgia would introduce herself as an artist for fun. By looking at her works, a sudden joy and happiness fills  souls and minds. The composition of colors, brush lines and forms create an integrity and balance, and the warm pastel tones give that warm feeling that our eyes are seeking in this world.

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The Britt Bass Turner brand specializes in painting on wood and canvas, paper and also creates prints of the everyday leisure activities such as sailing. The abstract works are being combined in the interior space, and serves as a great idea to make the space alive. Her works have been published in such magazines as Atlanta Homes lifestyles, The Jealous Curator, Kelly Market and many more, which proves that Britt is going in the right direction, and her style is finding more and more fans all around the world.




Her work of prints with such catchy names such as “Rosemary / Heavenly day / Sailing the ocean blue” are representing a warm emotional side, which is achieved with the help of the pastel colors. The abstract forms create the feeling of relaxation and calmness. To avoid serious impression, the works are dynamical and creating a movement.

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The technique which is being used for the works is quite simple. Brit uses acrylic paint, which is being put on matte paper or stretched canvas, to achieve the result. This gives the ability to achieve the texture and effect for the needed finish. Brit prints the works right there in Georgia, so it has that unique authentic look. The size of the works is perfect to become an interior accent and give the space the needed character.


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