How artists framed the sky

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Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, who are  Seattle-based (USA) founders of an art studio “Lead Pencil Studio”, have come up with an impressive installation situated near the border between the USA and Canada. This installation reminds of a big advertisement stand, but you won’t see any type of ads or information on it. This creation is entitled as “Non-Sign II” and made from welded rustless pivots of steel, which look just like feather-light strokes of a pencil. The installation invites people to turn their attention to the surrounding environment and notice the beauty of the sky and nature. “Non-Sign II” criticizes the huge amount of advertisements on the roads and symbolizes the openness, liberty. This poetic creation came into life during nine months. According to the artists, their main goal is to create art objects which wouldn’t be only visually expressive or interesting - it’s equally important that they send a message. The art studio was created in 1997 and their creations are destined to transform the spaces.








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