Designs that improve human behavior

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Latest researches discuss the way aesthetics affect our decisions, emotional responses and productivity. There is no doubt that even the smallest elements influence our perception of environment. Good design takes into consideration methods how the space can modify the people using it and seeks to optimize desired behaviors.

GrapeDesign is a Copenhagen based design studio that believes that in order to maintain creativity it is very important to have noise-free environment. Their designs are based on concepts that meet all functionality needs and requirements of user in an exciting and innovative ways. Major features of their products are simply shapes and delicate curves that strongly express Scandinavian style.

Believing in timeless they also developed products that are made of reusable materials. Impact reception desk is made of recyclable cardboard fronts, that are stacked without the use of any glues, making it easy to replace and long lasting. All steel parts are manufactured in Denmark under the strictest environmental requirements and the countertop is made of the bamboo exactly where it grows, meaning that there is no transportation waste for this product.

As in any other industry collaboration plays an important role in design while creating new ideas. For the last few years GrapeDesign has been closely working with Canadian design and manufacturing studio molo. Their products are inspired by studies in architecture and the idea that smaller tactile objects have a real potency in the physical experience of the built environment. Molo created a flexible wall, that can be expanded, contracted and shaped however you please. It is a playful, engaging experience as the tactile honeycomb material expands to create a completely freestanding structure that is hundreds of times larger than its compressed form. The efficiency of the structure allows for an incredible economy of material. The flexibility of the structure is pragmatic for compact portability and reshaping.



A person’s experience in the environment is very complex that is why designers are focusing on the individuality of various occupants. At any rate all of us want to live and work in a place which is aesthetic and boosting our productivity at the same time!

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