Photographer creates a match in the swimming pool

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Photographer Joseph Ford  adores challenges and it is perfectly noticeable in one of his projects called “Anamorphosis” which was done for the Avaunt Magazine.  It seems as if everything was done in collages and edited with Photoshop.  This is where we get mistaken. The story of this project is really challenging as Joseph tells us:“We spent three days in freezing conditions setting up and shooting an anamorphic tennis match. For those who are new to anamorphosis, it is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to occupy a specific vantage point to view the image correctly. “


When it comes to the materials and details for the photoshoot, Joseph tells us that 2.5 kilometers of blue gaffer tape, seven assistants, two anamorphosis artists, two parkour artists and one derelict swimming pool in Glasgow for the shoot were needed. Sounds already as a big challenge? Well, the illusion effect was created by two parkour artists.


Joseph describes: “Everything is done for real. The parkour artists, Kevin Francomme from Parkour Generations and David Banks, jumped off balconies, ran sideways along the walls and generally risked serious injury to create these images. “



The image rotation which creates an illusion is represented in a unique way. The colors and the combinations of the elements create a movement along with the rhythm. It makes your head turn along with the match and ask a question “who will win the match?”

Joseph Ford began taking pictures while he was doing his degree in French and Italian at the University of Cambridge. The first break was in 2004 with an advertising campaign for TBWA Paris and from then his enthusiasm for what he does has never faded away. Over the last few years Joseph has been commissioned to photograph landscapes and aerial images.

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