How to start exercising at home

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Graphic designer, blogger and photographer Vaida Tamosauskaite has created a healthy lifestyle and fashion blog “Don’t tell anyone”. She agreed to share some advice on healthy living with “Llamas’ Valley” readers and also presents her seven-day exercice program created together with a friend.


Vaida, what was the beginning of your “Don’t tell anyone” blog?

I moved to London after finishing school. I had plans to study graphic design there. Unfortunately, I didn’t ever enter the university, but I  didn’t let go of my dreams. After two years and a half, I decided to come back to Lithuania and devote all of my time to prepare my portfolio. I spent many nights learning to work with various programs until I understood that static web design belongs to the past. Right now is the era of blogs. I became interested in it and tried to acquire some knowledge in the field, learn what it takes to create designs of blogs. I understood I wouldn’t succeed in creating a good blog design if I didn’t have a blog myself. That’s how I started writing my own blog. At first, it didn’t have a particular direction. To tell the truth, it acquired one quite recently, one year ago. My own life had a huge influence on my blog. One year ago I was in deep thoughts trying to find myself, but now both me and my blog have clear vision and goals. I can affirm surely - I know who I am and who I want to be.



What does a word combination “healthy lifestyle” mean for you?

In one word - balance. It should exist not only in eating habits, sport, rhythm of life, but also in our attitude. I think everything begins from that. I don’t believe that refusing to eat meat suits everybody. The same is with sport. Some people like one type of sport while others have an inclination for something different. Even the same exercice can have diverse results for different people. Everyone has to try to find what suits him or her, refuse extreme decisions, change harmful habits into healthy ones.


Do you practice sport often? Which type is your favorite?

Sport is an inseparable part of my life. I’ve enjoyed physical activity since my young age. In the childhood, I would choose basketball or football with boys over games with dolls. My father often emphasized the importance of exercice and sport, so we would exercice and run together. Okay, okay, to tell the truth, it was more often for him to order me to do these things than I would be willing to do it myself, but now I’m really thankful for him! Since young age, running is my favourite sport. I was born and grew up by the sea, so running on the shore was the greatest attraction for me. Later I got familiar with dancing. I had been dancing Latin America dances for almost five years. I like dancing up until now, but, unfortunately, recently there’s no time left for that. But I exercice every day. I usually do it at home or in exercice sessions by my friend. I enjoy biking - it’s a main form of transport during the warm season.


How to find time for sport? What is the most important thing for those who want to start?

At first, you must have a clearly defined goal. If you want to take up sports for keeping balance and maintaining good mood, you’ll definitely find time for that. The most important thing is to think everything through. If you have started exercising, it should be one of your priorities. When you understand how important sport is, you don’t wait for better weather, better mood or more comfortable sneakers. You just have to start and little by little it will become a habit. Sport means not only better health or wellbeing, but it’s also a good mood, success at work and relationships. There’s no magic in it - when you say you don’t have time for sport, you’re just lying for yourself.

Tell us about your new project “Free 7 day Fitness E-Course”. What are the elements of this program?

Idea for this project came very recently. I’ve tried many similar sport programs and I enjoyed them. I thought I’d like to create one myself. Together with a friend who’s been engaged in sport for more than ten years and who’s a professional kinesiotherapist and sport trainer, we created a seven day program. It consists not only of exercices, but also of well-detailed explanations why they are useful. We have filmed all the exercises and described them. This project is for somebody who’s working very much and sitting for most of the time and who also thinks that balanced life is important.



What do you need to start exercising at home?

It’s very important to have a comfortable rug. It has to be of high quality and that costs much. You can find such rugs at orthopedic centres, shops of sports goods. It’s also essential to have suitable clothes and shoes. Beautiful tracksuit is additional motivation! I recommend buying running shoes for those who enjoy running.


What rules of healthy eating do you have?

I like plunging myself in my work, forgetting to eat during the day and over eating in the evening. But I try to create a discipline. Several times a day I receive a notification to my phone telling me it’s time to eat. It’s important to eat many fresh vegetables, I don’t refuse meat or fish. I don’t eat it every day, but I feel a strong necessity for these products. I was growing up in the country side, there was a lot of high quality and fresh food. That magic smell of a greenhouse!

What are your principles of healthy lifestyle?

Keeping the balance. Half a year ago I had a vitally important operation of a stomach. I’ll remember the fear for the rest of my life. Everytime when I don’t have inspiration or motivation, it serves as the best push to start doing it. It’s not difficult to understand the importance of balance. You just have to focus and get working. Now!


You can find a free exercise program here.

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