Enhanced reality in the age of filters

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Don’t be worried (or should we say happy ?) too soon - we cannot enhace our reality yet, but the twenty-first-century-phenomena of social media and constant usage of filters in order to create a refined version of ourselves and our lives certainly encouraged designer Pawel Nobert to explore this theme in a more profound way. “We construct our reality in our own way. We do that everyday on our instagrams, blogs and other carefully curated outlets. Knowing that the world around us doesn’t look like this, we somehow want to believe that all those often extremely filtered and post-processed images in our IG stream are actually the real thing”, artist explains on his website.





Series of pictures, which are a mix between photography and computer graphics, entitled as “Constructed” aims to create a new vision of real world as an echo of our every day habits, especially those of Instagram users. Just like the fragile line between reality and our depiction of the reality cannot be traced easily, here boundaries between real life photographs and graphics are also not very clear. Landscapes of “Constructed” are filled with vibrant colors and attire attention because they represent a mental challenge to the viewer. Game of contrasts and details emphasize the main idea of the project - for example, street sign with word “Truth” in one of these photos indicate that Pawel also questions perception of the truth and what it means today. Geometric blocks of colors are projected on the roads and can remind of  precisely-conceived paintings, so characteristic of the last age, yet looking so modern.








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