Pastel ornaments

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Nynke Koster, an artist from the Netherlands has presented her newest work, whis is an original collection of stools. This project called “Elements of time” contains unique details associated with architecture, design and history. Four different stools of refreshing colors are created from rubber and fabricated in the artist’s studio in Amsterdam. The technology of fabrication is quite simple - certain surface is covered with rubber and once it is solid, the prints of architectural elements remain. Talking about her work, the artist asks rhetorical question: “when does an object become furniture, and when does furniture become art?” According to Nynke, her main source of inspiration is the surrounding world, and especially historical places with their exceptional architecture. Her plans for the future are to use even more architectural ornaments, so during the upcoming years her collection should be completed with more than 30 stools, which will serve to illustrate different epochs with their dominating architectural styles.









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