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Every morning we think about a cup of coffee: hot, strong, tasty, drinkable until the very last drop, preferable in the stylish cup to take away, as we all live a busy life nowadays. When the creators of The Goat Story coffee mug got tired of hunting for that perfect cup of coffee, they decided to create their own and share the idea of stylish coffee drinking all over the world.


The inspiration for the creation of Goat Mugs was found in the fable about the goats discovering coffee in 13th century in Ethiopia. If you’re wondering what a goat has to do with the coffee, this brand tells you a legend:

“Back in 13th century, a flock of goats found a coffee bush full of berries which lured the goats to dig in and try them. The result – goats went bonkers! Their shepherd was left in shock so he decided to figure out a way of using those berries to get such frisky energy. He brewed the berries and – we dare say- changed the world.”


Today The Goat mug is a new way of enjoying hot drinks wherever people go, as this goat horn-shaped coffee mug works as a practical and stylish accessory. The journey of Goat Story has just started and the team is already working on new extraordinary additions to the family of products made for people who appreciate great design.

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